Our flagship?!     ‘Healthy mind in healthy body’!
Our pleasure?!   To present to you our HANDBOOK with detailed all the followed non-formal methodology, ideas, and experiences that blossomed throughout the implementation of ‘Finding N.E.M.O_Natural & EnvironMental Orientation’ Youth Exchange.

      HANDBOOK_Finding N.E.M.O (by YoHo Team)        


Finding my psychosomatic balance

Physical relaxation leads to mental relaxation and spiritual calmness. A characteristic way CALMto achieve this relaxation is through a relaxation process that helps induce a deep state of muscle relaxation with the background of a soft music. This technique is known as Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) and is proven to be effective in helping reduce anxiety, stress, muscle tension and even in the management of insomnia.

Build the balanced Pyramid


Participants work in mixed groups of minimum 3 and maximum 5 people. They are being given: a) the schedule of the balanced pyramid seperated in parts according to the appropriate daily/weekly/monthly consumption, b) pictures of various food stuffs (vegetables, fruits, dairySAN products, spaghetti, sweets, nuts, meat, fish etc.). Through brain-storming and effective collaboration each team has to fill out its pyramid in a short-time.

Draw the Balanced Plate


Participants are being separated in mixed groups. Each team has an A3 paper with the main schedule of a plate & given time 5′(min) – 10′(max). Through brain-storming and exchange of knowledge and ideas, every team has to draw in a short time the Nutritional Categories that thinks belong to each part of the plate. The balanced plate they have to approach through their teamwork is as the one in the photo.

This is the proper Balanced Plate we must consume daily so as to take all the necessary nutrients from all nutritional groups.

NO HATE  Flashmob

Both rehearsals and the implementation of a Flashmob contribute intensively and actively to develop the integration, team spirit, cooperation, extroversion and expressiveness of all involved members.

hateSpecial benchmark of the youth exchange ‘Finding N.E.M.O.’ was the joint implementation of a Flashmob in the heart of Athens at Monastiraki Square, in the framework of ‘No Hate Speech Movement’ campaign by Council of Europe. During the Flashmob participants sent their own message against the hate speech, racism, xenophobia, intolerance of diversity and urging at the same time the adoption of more solidarity behaviors. The warm and supportive response of the crowd during the Flashmob gave encouragement and overflowing delight to all participants. Mainly this experience offered them the irreplaceable sense of reward and satisfaction of achieving a common goal!

Horse Riding        

Experiencing a walk on the back of a horse has the dynamic to revitalize and persuade even the most doubtful person. The horse-riding trainer provides significant instructions focused on the right body position and the maintaining balance and then accompany the participants while riding the horses.



This experiential walk brought the participants in contact with the nature and their physical and spiritual awakening.  It’s an manactive way to empty the mind of the worries,  refresh the spirit and activate the body through a non-risk activity that everyone can join.  Check-point: A breathtaking view after a hilly route is the best reward for the involved people.


αρτσIn the context of fair-play, all participants ocompeted with each other in an archery game. The archery coach informed the youngsters about the benefits of being activated with the sport of archery. Afterwards, gave them instructions on the rules and the process of the game and concerning the correct body position they all should maintain during the game.

From the soil to olive-oil!    

A travelogue in the megarian olive-grove gave the chance to participants to come in contact with the traditional rural life of the host city and walk through one of the largest and oldest olive-groves in Greece. Youngsters from the local community shared with the participants information and aspects about: the traditional agricultural practices, local customs and traditions, historical flashbacks, urban myths. The participants got aware of the way of construction and operation of the ancient watering system and visited the water distribution channels-wells & an old olive tree 2.500 years old aged with diameter almost 2,8m. During a study-visit at a local olive press, the youngsters took part in the olive-harvest and got aware of the thorough olive-oil production process.

Go Green

sourDuring ‘Go Green’ activity, the participants divided in national groups, have a brainstorming session focused on the initiatives taken place on national level as it concerns actions about the protection of water resources. In this  way the involved counties were able to exchange good practices carried out by their governments.

City Game

City Game is an energetic and interactive way to bring participants in contact with thefoun host city and the local community. The participants are divided into mixed teams and under the guidance of their leaders they start exploring the city. During this flogame, the participants get in an experiential way aware of the history, the culture, the traditions and the local way of life of the host community.

Intercultural Exchange

φφThe ultimate materialization of the intercultural learning! The participants share elements of the culture, history, customs, way of life and traditions of their countries. In this way they raise awareness on their cultural background.

Τhere is only one condition for the participants! To improvise and make their presentations as creative as possible. Through role-playing theaters, simulations, quiz, games, presentations etc. they have the chance to travel for some minutes the rest of participants in their countries. φοοδ

Sharing traditional foods, music, dances and customs is the most effective way to bond the team and turn all participants into shareholders of a common intercultural community.