These are the Partners involved in the Εrasmus+ project ‘Finding N.Ε.M.O_Natural & EnvironMental Orientation’:

● S.M.I.T CREATOR _ Stowarzyszenie Mlodziezowych Inicjatyw Tworczych

SMIT «CREATOR» was founded in 2011 by smitactive young people with extensive international experience and different expertise. It’s a non-government, non-political, non-religious organization from Krakow working in the fields of project management, research and training for and with youth. SMIT CREATOR’s main purpose is to exchange creative ideas, promotion of values, tradition and art in the countries of Europe and beyond. It aims to contribute to intercultural dialogue and exchange, creating a common ground for cooperation with scientific, cultural and educational fields at an international level. It’s staff and members have been sent to many countries and various projects, and are ready to create and run fantastic projects in the field of volunteersin, entrepreneurship, sport, human rights, ICL and many more. SMIT CREATOR is frequently involved in helping young people find their place in the labour market, helping them improve their qualifications. Their wide range of proposed international projects gives them opportunity to upgrade their skills listed in Youthpass certificate, also they have chance to learn about situation in other European countries, enhance intercultural competences and open for mobility. As sending organization for EVS, they do their best to point out to young people, how important entrepreneurship and awareness of international labour market are today. They offer practices for students and help young people to create professional CV.


SOS EUROPA is an indipendent association of social sospromotion, partyless and nondenominational, based in Rome. It was created to spread the European cultural values and for improving integration inside and outside the Union, encouraging mobility of young people by promoting cultural exchange and knowledges exchange, participatory and active European citizenship, networking opportunities. The Association is nonprofit and seeks esclusively scopes of social, human, civil and cultural solidarity and of ethic research. The Association organizes courses, training, seminars and is partner of several European projects. It was founded in January 2016 by young people who have been working in associations and deal with EU issues, and it employs a team of passionate young volunteers, experts in Project Planning and European policies. SOS Europe is partner of the third edition of Italian Gaymes, cultural sporting event against sex discrimination, and Euro 2019 Gaymes partners, a sporting event for the LGBT community. SOS Europe is specialized in the following areas, covering the main objectives and activities of the project: promotion of lifelong learning as tool for constantly adapting to changes and for achieving personal and professional growth; promotion of educational activities, of professional development and of social skills of young people, for being suitable and effectively integrated in dynamics of the society; involvement in social integration of people at the risk of social exclusion; dissemination of European opportunities for mobility and training; promotion of vocational training as instrument to increase youth employment and entrepreneurship; development and organization of training courses, groups work, seminars, events, conferences and youth exchanges, with a focus on Erasmus+. SOS Europe wants also to provide equal opportunities in education and integration in the labour market for the most disadvantaged groups of people, for those with fewer opportunities or living in difficult situations. To promote European intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, equal opportunities, respect and diversity. To promote European citizenship and to improve the conditions for a civil and democratic participation at European level. To establish and promote networks and relationships at local, national and European level. At international level, since its foundation, SOS Europe is active on the European field, thanks to knowledges of its members, who already have a solid background of experiences relating to conception, implementation and management of community projects, in particular about the training courses Erasmus Plus KA1.

● Udruga Perpetuum

Newly established organization Udruga Perpetuum founded in pZagreb, Croatian capital city, which is the only Croatian city with over a million inhabitants. The idea to found NGO was born a year ago after its members went to few Erasmus+ projects as well as EVS. The organization Perpetuum was established with the vision of spreading of volunteerism and solidarity among young people, promoting non-formal education, youth mobility, multiculturalism and tolerance through sport, art, environment, creativity and active life. The objectives that association want to achieve is to promote awareness of the development of civil society, promote human rights and gender equality, democracy, and development of cultural, social and environmental awareness among young people. In order to accomplish the set goals, the association Perpetuum carries out the following activities:
• organizes creative workshops, learning experience and role playing and training with a view to the development of individuals and groups;
• planning, organization, implementation and participation in volunteer activities;
• organization, maintenance and management of events for the purpose of education, the development of individuals and groups, and intercultural cooperation;
• cooperation with organizations outside the Croatia and international youth exchange;
• design, organization and implementation of projects in the field of culture, sports and the environment by organizing festivals and events, thematic exhibitions, education and similar events with the aim of intercultural learning, development of tolerance, to promote active life, multiculturalism and mutual respect;
• devising, planning and implementation projects of sustainable development in order to preserve nature and improvement activities of the local community;
• issuance of publications such as books, electronic books, periodicals or newsletters with subject matter related to the objectives of the Association, in accordance with special regulations.

● VšĮ Jaunimo laisvalaikio centras

Public institution VšĮ Jaunimo laisvalaikio centrasjlc (Youth Leisure Center) was established in 2008. The purpose – to increase Youth socialisation and integration to society. The institution is reaching to bring up individual personalities, wich are able to decide responsibly and creatively own problems and actively take part in the life of society. Youth center spread youth people social competence, helps youth to integrate to political, economical, social and cultural country and government life, promote youth initiative, self-expression, give ability to realise themselves and participate in youth exchange programs. The institution act in these sectors: information, meaningful organisation of leasure time, consultation, non-formal education. Youth leasure center connect all groups of young people, especially who have less posibilities. The Centre has experience in youth exchange projects, in the implementation of multilateral and bilateral youth exchange projects, has close contacts with foreign partners. Competence in working with young people: young people with fewer opportunities for the integration of socially responsible activities, social competencies, the formal system of education of young people drop out (drop outs) motivation, volunteering promotion, promotion of healthy living, environmental education. Existing experience suggests that Youth Leisure center not only capable and competent to carry out the upcoming youth exchange project, but also for the quality of cooperation between the partner countries, non-formal education, youth participation and other priority work with youth.

● AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta

AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta is a non-formalAMICS_BIBLIOTECA_LA_FONTETA education organisation providing learning opportunities to the people (adults and children) in the area of Valencia (Spain). They have several activities and promote also mobility programmes. They started their activities in 2005, as a result of a Youth in Action initiative of a Scout group. Since that moment, they have been developing their local and international network in order to develop their activities. The AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta is a medium size organization built in the base of volunteers with a group of stable active members of around 30 people. They consider themselves as experts in motivation of youth, empowerment of youth and inclusion. Using in a proficient way games and more specifically board games. The organization is focused at empowerment of youth and actitive citizenship. In the project they contributed by sharing their expertise in the field dealing with youth and also shared their knowledge of the structure of youth work and volunteering in Spain.

● Diyarbakır Çevre ve Kalkınma Derneği

Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi is an NGO located in diyarbakirDiyarbakir, South East of Turkey. As a continuous environment and development provider, we are committed from the beginning of our establishment to ensure the exchange of practical knowledge and skills according to advanced technical developments and market requirements. Diyarbakir is city of walls but at the same the city of challanges. There are lots of youth with fewer oppurtunities. The region is the most disadvantaged region of Turkey. We work for social development of young people in Diyarbakir. All the below mentioned local activities are organised to increase social developement. ‘Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi’ believes that the future of the society is shaped according to the skills and approaches of today’s young people. With this belief, our association is trying to create a youth policy which aims to compensate young people including the ones who have economic, educational, social, physical and geographical obstacles. This policy aims to make applicable projects, apply and sustain them all around the country in order to reintegrate disadvantaged young people who are defined above to society and compensate them. Association’s regular activities are educating, compensating orphan and street children and also helping disadvantaged young people to gain specific skills. The focus of our activities is the improvement of knowledge and skills in the practical handling of the environment and development, networks, media development, communication and management.

● Kultur und Art Initiative e.V.

The Kultur & Art Initiative develop and implement art and culture logoprojects. Kultur & Art Initiative has been established 15 years ago and is an intercultural and intergenerational non-profit association with members from different nations, age groups and with different careers who have got work experiences in media production, education and media education for many years. Their aim is to produce projects with people from different origins. The concept is based on contents of social and intercultural integration. They work against the passive culture consumption with active culture work and they offer to their participants creative and project-orientated opportunities. They also offer to young people extracurricular youth work, including media educational workshops, international youth exchanges, performances, support doing projects and getting ideas. Their office is in Detmold, by the culture factory Hangar 21 in Detmold.